Who we are

Our hub is founded on the network of the best European craftsmanship, trusted suppliers and project managers full of passion and individual approach to your projects.
With us you can get any marketing materials in one place with proven quality, financial efficiency and timely delivery.
We are your complete marketing production service.


We increase the awareness of your brand by delivering unique and captivating products and services.We believe that advertising should not only generate leads but also bring attention to your brand by entertaining people and make them say wooow!


We want to be a leader in creating brand experience solutions which are innovative, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. We want to bring the advertising industry to the new era of eco friendly materials and creative products available for the most demanding partners.


We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts and ideas to the table.

Bartosz Lasota

Bartosz Lasota

Founder & CEO

“Ambient Hub was established as a natural consequence of the market needs to provide an access to all necessary advertising materials and services in one place.

We created a network of selected and trusted manufacturers, suppliers and craftsmen so we can recommend the best materials and production methods.

With our individual approach to each partner, we save their precious time so they can focus on their core business while enjoying ready marketing products delivered at their doorstep.”

– Bartosz Lasota